In response to suggestions from some of the senior members of the Club that remaining competitive in Club tournaments is more and more difficult due to age, injuries, operations to replace broken parts, reduced flexibility, eyesight, accumulated effects of alcohol consumption, etc, your Executive Committee has met and investigated ways to level the playing field for all members.

 One of the suggested methods is to permit a certain portion of the membership to play from senior tees.  Although this seems like a very simple solution, let me point out a few pitfalls.


·                    Not all courses have tees designated as senior tees.  There is a big difference between the senior tees and forward tees at most courses.

·                    Current used Club handicaps are actually Handicap Indexes – the reason being it makes it easier to explain why your handicaps are different at one course over another.

·                    Allowing a select group to play from a senior tees could be unfair to those “seniors” who do not meet a selected criteria.

·                    Since the courses I currently have in each member’s database are predicated on play from the normal tees, it will take quite a while for them to be adjusted to another set of tees.

·                    Playing from a forward tee gives the player a perception that he is playing better, when in effect only his scores are lower.

·                    Keeping a separate set of books for senior members makes the job of the handicap secretary more difficult.

·                    Playing from the senior tees may give some seniors an advantage on par 3s.


After a very long discussion, and tossing around many possible scenarios, the Executive Committee has developed the following suggested guidelines for dealing with this dilemma for 2005:


·                    Those desiring to play from the senior tees must be at least 65 years of age as of April 1, 2005.

·                    Those wishing to play from the senior tees must declare their intention prior to the first tournament.

·                    Once a declaration to play the senior tees is made, it holds for the entire year.

·                    If you elect not to declare prior to the first tournament, you will have to wait until the next year.

·                    If there are no designated senior tees at tournament courses, all play shall be from the regularly selected tees.

·                    Members playing from the senior tees will be mixed in with the other members of the club.  HOWEVER, he must make every effort to move forward at the earliest possible moment to avoid slowing down play (explain).

·                    After one year, the Executive Committee will review the situation and determine whether this change is feasible and should be made permanent.  If insufficient data is available, the trail period may be extended for one additional year.

·                    From this point on, Handicaps – not handicap indexes – will be used for all players.

It is requested that those electing to play the senior tees in tournaments also play from senior tees (where available) during their regular outside play in order to accumulate as much data as possible.

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